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When I was in my thirties, I understood self care as self indulgent and not necessary. I had shame and guilt clouding the very rare occasions I took care of myself. I grew up believing that when I took care of myself, I was selfish. Well, this narrative is no longer mine.

As I transitioned into my 4th decade, I had an overwhelming inability to manage my very intense emotions that were born from life events. I leaned into yoga and mindfulness to help manage stress. I soon realized that the more I took care of my mind and body, the better mother I was, the better wife I was, the better friend I was. When I took care of myself, I was able to be physically and mentally available for my family and friends. The realization was a blessing and the shift in my paradigm of self care began.

We are in a culture of disconnect, with overwhelming anxiety and depression. How do we combat this epidemic? We take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. We pass on the joy, the love, the connection that we build when we take care of our mind, our body and our soul. So how can you carve time out this week to nurture yourself? Here are 10 suggestions......

  • Take a long walk by yourself or with a loved one

  • Epson Salt bath filled with copious amounts of bubbles and lavender oil

  • Cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and favorite book/kindle

  • Make/buy your most favorite healthy food

  • Lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by

  • Visit your favorite yoga studio/class

  • Drink tons of water

  • Take a long nap

  • Stroll on the beach barefoot

  • Listen to music that makes you sing out loud uncontrollably

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