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There is Magic in STILLNESS

Magic happens when we find stillness of the mind. One of the most humbling and inspiring activities in Maui is wave watching. For 10 days I carved out time to sit on the beach, dig my toes in the sand, and contemplate the vast power of the ocean. Sunsets were extraordinary and awe inspiring. It is in these moments in time when we forget about the past, the future, and just find beauty in the present. This appreciation of the present moment drops us into a state of stillness of the mind, where we are able to soak in the details of each awaiting moment.

We may not have time for beach days or sunsets....we may be caught in the cycle of human suffering and struggle. We may be worrying about a loved one, wildfires, politics, or our health and safety. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming. So how do we find this stillness of the mind and connect with ourselves when all our worries pile up? Breathing in nature.

There is power in our breath. Our breath is like the ocean. Each breath simulates a wave in our body, with the capabilities of washing our minds clean. Our magical breath can regulate our emotions and our heartbeat. Our breath can wipe the mind clean while fueling our bodies.

So I encourage you to sit still this weekend. Sit under a tree or watch the clouds go by. Dig your toes in the grass or stare into an Oak tree. Do nothing but watch the earth move while you listen to your breath. Relish in the stillness while you replenish. Connect with yourself, while whittling away thoughts. Witness the magic unfold.

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