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SLOW the F*ck Down!

Did I get your attention? Life is going by at a ridiculous speed. Many times I equate how I feel with running on a hamster wheel or doggy paddling in an ocean. I just can never keep up with everything and it feels like the piles keep getting higher while the lists get longer. Can you relate?

This week I walked to pick up my daughter from school. As I slowly approached the school on foot, fellow parents were whizzing by me, leaving me in their dust. I couldn’t figure out what the rush was…was I late? Did the bell ring? Do we need to wait in line? I started picking up speed because I became self-conscious of my slow stride. I soon realized I was hurrying up only to stand and wait. Hurry up and wait. Parents were in fight or flight, rushing to get the kids. I am sure they were rushing around all day long trying to “get it all done”, nervous systems rigged up and ready. This “Hurry Up” energy is contagious. Fortunately, so is “Slow Down” energy.

I invite you to come on a journey with me next week….let’s take it really SLOW, intentionally and mindfully SLOW. Maybe this means you will have to say no. My kids know this is my favorite word. Not because I am mean (they may not agree) but because it usually leaves me with a little more space in my life. Space and time are so valuable. Carve out more time for yourself. I encourage you to take longer showers, take more time to make delicious healthy meals, and make time for reading a nurturing book. If anything, WALK A LITTLE SLOWER. Let’s do this together!

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